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Dress code

Empire Dance Company

Dress Code


All Ballet shoes= Hanami Ballet Shoe (2037W) (light pink for Girls) (Black for Boys)

All Jazz Shoes= EJ2 Jazz Shoe (Tan)

Lyrical (Non Competition / 12 and under) = dance Paws

Lyrical / Contemporary (Competition 13+ Only) = H061 Nude

Tap (Non Competition / Competition 12 and under) = Tic Tap Toe (443B) (Black)

Tap (Competition 13+ Only) = Candence Tap (C619) (Black)


All Jazz/Tap Classes= 1916 convertible (Light Sun Tan)

All Contemporary/Lyrical Classes=1961 stir up (Light Sun Tan)

All ballet Classes= ultra soft transition tight with back seam (1918W)(light pink for Girls) (Black for Boys)

Please confirm with your teachers that you have purchased the correct items, as once hey are worn they are non refundable.

Dancers can purchase these brands of shoes, tights, ect on any online forum or in person store.  Empire Dance Company uses Capezio in Wellesley as our closest in person store.

Dress Code: FAQ
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